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Acceptance to the Suzuki Voice Teacher Training

In order to be accepted as a teacher-in-training an audition videotape and resume in English should be submitted. The resume should include Bachelor of Music degree (tertiary qualifications) in classical voice studies, professional performance experience and teaching experience. If this information seems limited, please include any other experience with the Suzuki method (or previous association with Suzuki method) or experience working with young children. Please note that these suggestions help the panel to get a complete picture of you. It is sometimes difficult to explain what you have done only in terms of qualifications. Please also note that exceptions to the Bachelor of Music degree (tertiary qualifications) requirement may be made on a case-by-case basis if the applicant is an aspiring singer with a healthy voice, has a positive attitude towards improvement, and has also both an interest and a positive attitude in teaching small children.

Audition requirements from memory:

Unaccompanied pieces:
  • “Schlafe mein Prinzchen” (Mozart’s Lullaby) by Friedrich Fleischmann (one verse in German)
  • “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” (in your language)
Accompanied pieces:
Piano playing skills:
  • "Shlafe mein Prinzchen" Mozart’s Lullaby by Friedrich Fleischmann (melody with accompaniment - the vocal melody line with some improvised left hand accompaniment)

Please take care with the quality of your DVD (or computer CD) and its sound. The DVD gives an important first impression.

For more information about Suzuki Voice Teacher Training, please contact

Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki

The Founder of the Suzuki Voice Program since 1986
ESA and SAA Suzuki Voice Teacher Trainer

Address: Rekolantie 40 – 42, 01400 Vantaa, Finland
Fax: + 358 9 874 2552
E-mail: suzukivoice(a)kolumbus

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